Steel Roof

What is a Steel Roof?

A steel roof is made of metal roof sheeting in the form of corrugated galvanized steel. Steel roof sheeting materials are coated with an alloy of zinc and aluminum to give it durability.

Benefits of Steel Roofing

• Life Expectancy

Steel roofs last longer than non-metallic roofs, with a lifespan of up to 50 years or even more!

• Fire and Weather Resistant

Because steel is a non-combustible material, it cannot catch on fire. Steel roofing holds up better than any other roofing material under conditions of heavy rain, hail, extreme temperatures and high winds.

• Style & Variety

Steel roofing is available in a wide range of styles. It can mimic other types of materials such as wood shingle, clay tile and asphalt shingle. It also offers a wide array of colors to choose from.

• Cost Effective

Steel roofing can be quite cost effective compared to expensive clay tiles, slate or wood shake shingles.

• Energy Efficient

 A reduction in heating and cooling costs is another benefit.

• Low to No Maintenance

Coupled with its weather-resistant qualities, steel roofs resist the growth of mold and mildew, making them virtually maintenance-free.

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Steel Roofing Brands

  • Ideal Roofing
  • Vicwest

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